Dr Dirk Kremer


Dr Dirk Kremer is a German Board Certified specialist Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and member of the German Society of German Plastic Surgeons (DGPRÄC) and the specialist register of the UK’s General Medical Council. He has studied and practice in Germany, the US and the UK and is one of the most progressive and approachable plastic surgeons in London.

Dr Kremer completed his medical degree in Munich, Germany, and then undertook further studies in New York and San Diego, California, before returning to Munich in 1996 to commence postgraduate studies at Germany’s leading teaching hospital to become a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Soon after his board certification in 2003, he returned to the US to study further with the best plastic surgeons in the home of cosmetic surgery – Los Angeles, California. While in LA, Dr Kremer refined his signature procedures and decided to return to Munich where he opened his own state-of-the-art practice and soon developed a reputation as one of Europe’s most progressive cosmetic surgeons.

During his training as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Kremer learned a great deal about microsurgery, maxillofacial and burn surgery. ‘Giving something back’ has always been important to Dr Kremer and he is active in several charities, taking his skills to third world Asia and Africa.

To keep his skills as a cosmetic surgeon at the forefront, Dr Kremer continues to travel the world, working alongside the best international cosmetic surgery practitioners.

London plastic surgeon

In 2009 Dr Kremer moved his practice to London as he believes this great city has become the leading force in Europe for all things anti-ageing. He is chief surgeon of Harley St. Aesthetics.

Since his arrival in London he has been featured in several magazines for his knowledge as a ‘breast specialist’ and was also one of the practising physicians on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies aired in spring 2011. In 2013 and 2014 he was invited to present a plastic surgery slot on The Alan Titchmarsh Show and to give live consultations on different cosmetic surgery topics.

Since coming to London Dr Kremer has been voted Tatler magazine’s ‘best UK surgeon for eyelift (2013), facelift (2014) and necklift (2015)’. In 2016 he launched his own skincare brand ‘SkinDoc formula’.

Dr Kremer has developed a series of signature procedures that are  ground-breaking and conform to the highest medical standards.

The procedures include the Split Muscle Breast Augmentation, TBT Facelift, TBT Eyelift and e-lipo.

All of Dr Kremer’s signature procedures offer an innovative alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries and ensuring that his patients are left with stunning results and minimal recovery time



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