The Good Mums Box


This ultimate pamper pack is designed especially for mums-to-be and new mums. It features evidence-based products that are safe to use in pregnancy or while breastfeeding that will be hand-selected to match your skin-type or concern.

It will also feature a top anti-stretch mark product designed by leading UK doctors with the clinical results to show it works.

(And we’ll throw in a bit of fun stuff too!)

*Products will vary in accordance with your skin type/concern but the value will always be in excess of £130

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Your body goes through a lot when your pregnant and breastfeeding. Some women glow while others have break outs, dry skin and pigment issues. And stretch marks are a concern for almost everyone – and that’s where our Good Mums Box comes to the rescue. It’s packed full of evidence-based skincare products that contain no-nasties to help keep you looking your best – safely!

This is the prefect gift or a great indulgent pick me up for mums-to-be or those with little ones who want to know that the products they’re putting on their skin are safe to use but are also effective.

Tell us your skin concern and well make a bespoke box to suit your needs. Each box will contain 4-5 products to look after your face and body.

When it comes to stretch marks, Science of Skin’s Solution for Stretch Marks is a must have. It was developed by two doctors – one a leading UK plastic surgeon and the other a specialist in scarring. It is specially formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s packed with active ingredients taken from green tea that have been show in clinical trial at the University of Manchester to reduce the redness and size of stretch marks.

But it’s not just your body we’re taking care of. We’ll fill the box with products designed to meet your needs from rosacea, acne, pigmentation to dry skin – we have the products that can make a difference.

And if you just want a pampering – we’ll cater for that too!

All of the products in the Good Mums box come from our range of curated evidence-based skin care products. These come from doctors themselves or the cosmeceutical laboratories which supply the medical aesthetics industry.

Brands included in the Good Mums Box include:

Ingredients will vary depending on which products are included in the Good Mum Box.

Directions on how to use products will vary depending on which products are selected to match your skin type.

All of the products included in the Good Mums Box come from our carefully curated evidence-based skincare range. Each of the brands on our site come from either leading dermatologists or doctors like Dr Nick Lowe or Dr Aamer Khan on Harley Street, or from the cosmeceutical labs that supply the medical aesthetics industry.

They are backed by good clinical research and get excellent results. They include: